More about Me

In addition to physics and poetry, I am interested in other subjects. Some of them are briefly presented below. My hobbies in general include nature photography, visiting societies and cultures, learning languages, computer programming, sports (specially mountain climbing and tennis), reading books and other learning materials in different subjects, listening music and watching movie, . . .

Amateur Photography

Taking photos of nature is one of my hobbies. I take them simply by my mobile phone. So, the quality of pictures or the art of picturing might not be worth paying attention. Nevertheless, the subjects might be worth watching. That is nature! In the slides below, there are some of pictures that I have captured in the nature. To stop the slides, simply put the mouse cursor on the slide. To see the pictures in higher resolutions, click "Higher Resolution Pictures."

Mountain Climbing

In my country, Iran, there are many beautiful and high mountains. One can easily reach one of them (which are usually in chains) in a maximum of a few hours of driving. The city where I grew up is just 15 kilometers of direct distance from Damavand, the highest mountain in Iran (5610 m). In this sense, I am a kind of amateur mountain boy. I like mountains and mountain climbing too much. It is enjoying the nature and sport at the same time. Here there are a few pictures of me in mountains.

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Cultures and Societies

As far as my professional career allows me, I am interested to visit different cultures and societies. I learn to think and feel in different aspects, when I travel and engage with other people. Moreover, I practice to be more tolerant and patient. It is both beneficial and joyful.

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