Two Lemons

Two Lemons is my first poetry. It describes the life of a man (singing in Persian) from his youth to old ages. With a sexually dominated view in the beginning of adolescence, he encounters difficulties in his relations . . . The book is composed of 20 poems on some aspects of human nature, life, relations, love and other feelings. The poems are presented chronologically in 4 seasons, which coincide with four seasons of the protagonist's life. Language of the book is Persian, and it is in an acrostic which is called "Masnavi."

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This is a book in “Masnavi” and is composed of 1038 couplets, about love, sex and romance, and social and philosophical subjects. It is presented in 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, indicating the mental and emotional growth of a person in his life. A person who can be a part of ourselves. This book is not written solely as an erotic book. The content distinguishes carefully between eroticism and an honest description of natural human feelings. It is a new point of view to life and its beauties. A philosophy which is different from the ones in traditional Persian literature, adopted with the modern lifestyle, describing the hard life of the people in the Persian-culture region in this era. It demonstrates up-and-downs, confusions, happiness, sadness, and difficulties which such a person can deal with in her/his life. The language of the poems is simple and fluent, and can make the reader encounter her/his deep memories and feelings; sometimes with pure joy and smile and hope, sometimes with deep thoughts and contemplation in meanings, sometimes with sexual obsessions in a restricted society, sometimes with sorrow and regret, and sometimes with reminding sweet and nostalgic memories. This book is an honest presentation of emotional feelings and experiences inside many of us. The protagonist of the book sings, and sometimes merges with the reader (and author), and sometimes stands in the opposition.

  • Title: Two lemons
  • Author: Kamal Hajian
  • Format: Paperback | 146 pages
  • Weight: 240.4g
  • Dimensions: 148.08 x 210.06 x 10.16mm
  • ISBN10: 6254006588
  • ISBN13: 9786254006586
  • Publication date: 03 Sep 2020
  • Printed by: Ingramspark
  • Language: Persian
  • Copyright: © 2020 Kamal Hajian

I wrote the poems in this book in Spring 2020 in Ankara, Turkey. At that time, I was 39 years old, and I was enjoying the beautiful green region of the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), which was a great place for me to be alone and happy. I was mainly alone, because the university was closed due to COVID-19 pandemic, and started to write the songs from the beginning of that Spring. The book, including 20 songs in 4 seasons, was finished on June 20th 2020. However, the poems were gradually corrected and revisited with the help of one of my friends who has been one of inspiring persons to start and complete writing the book.

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